WWE Night of Champions 2015 Review

-WWE presents Night of Seth Rollins live on the WWE Network. Tonight he will defend both the WWE Heavyweight and United States Championships against John Cena and “The Icon” Sting.

-We get a short run of the mill introduction video which sells the fact that we will see both champions and challengers here competing tonight and get right into our first match of the evening.

1. Ryback vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

-Man, Ryback’s run with this title has been pretty awful. He’s defeated The Big Show a few times and that’s pretty much it. Maybe a win over the former NXT Champion would help add some credibility to his reign.

-Owens is the aggressor in the opening minutes and the champion seems to have tweaked his elbow. That is all the target Owens needs to focus in on the injury with all of his offense.

-This match was not pretty as you’d expect. No arm-drags to be seen here. Owens especially employs just some nasty offense that was targeted squarely on Ryback’s injured elbow.

-Ryback fights off Owens and goes for the Shellshock, but Kevin Owens rakes the eyes and rolls up the champion for a three count!

-Kevin Owen’s wins his second title in WWE in under a year! This was a pretty short affair, but got across Owens as someone who was simply interested in winning for monetary gain. Look for these two to have numerous rematches on WWE television in the coming weeks.

-I was seriously hoping for more from Ryback’s reign as champion when he won the title at Elimination Chamber earlier this year. Now I’m hoping the title will not hinder Owens in the coming months as he is still finding his footing on the main roster. Sometimes, holding a second-tier title can do more harm than good (like when Ambrose was the United States Champion for an age during The Shield’s run).

2. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev w/ Summer Rae

-It is late September. This storyline started in May. For five months this story has dragged on-and-on. Why? What is left to resolve?!

-I love these two in the ring though. The dynamic of a agile athletic guy versus the big strong man is always the best to me.

-The two trade momentum while neither remains in firm control for too long. Ziggler gets a trade more offense, but Rusev’s offense is much more emphatic.

-After awhile Rusev gets the match in hand and Ziggler is tossed around the ring by the brute. Summer accidentally costs Rusev the match by causing a distraction and allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig-Zag.

-These two being in this match makes no sense. They are supposed to HATE each other and be wanting to tear one another limb from limb. Not trying to roll one another up for a quick victory. This is a case where a stipulation like a Street Fight or Last Man Standing would have really added a lot. This was just another match in their overly long story.

-The action was great, but where does the story go? Nowhere. What was accomplished by Ziggler winning? Nothing.

3. The New Day vs. The Dudley Boys for the WWE Tag Team Championship

-The New Day’s outfits are already the best thing about this show so far. Look at that!

-They get over their amazing #SaveTheTables hashtag campaign as they make their way to the ring.  They just ooze entertainment anytime they are on screen the past few months.

-Michael Cole points out that Woods looks like Rufio from the live-action Disney movie, Hook. Later the Houston crowd give him a “Rufio” chant as well. Awesome homage by Woods.

-It so strange these two teams. The Dudleys almost come off as heels due to just how entertaining The New Day are before, during, and after their matches.

-Bubba Ray gets cornered by Kingston and Big E, and they very entertainingly work over the multiple time tag team champion.Devon gets the hot tag later and the team go through their signature move to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

-They get the 3D on Kingston, but Woods breaks up the pin to save their titles. The Dudley Boys win via disqualification. The New Day celebrate like they won anyway. Perfect.

-Big E yells “WOODS! Get the tables!” It backfires and Xavier Woods gets a 3D through the table to the delight of the crowd.

-This was a very entertaining simple Tag Team match. Nothing negative to say, really, other than the Dudley Boys will steadily get more and more boos as their feud goes on. So hopefully they either turn them heel or find a way to make the story work without splitting the audience on who to cheer for.

4. Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte for the WWE Diva’s Championship


-Due to the dusty finish on last week’s Monday Night Raw, Charlotte will be declared champion no matter if the match ends in count out or disqualification.

-Both women come out with their respective fractions. Charlotte with Paige, and Becky Lynch, and Nikki with her sister, Brie, and Alicia Fox.

-Nikki Bella, now the longest reigning Diva’s Champion in WWE history after defeating Charlotte on Raw, is reluctant to get the match started with her challenger. They finally get going and the champion quickly targets the legs of the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer.  Nikki keeps Charlotte ground for what feels like forever before the challenger finally gets some offense in on the champion.

-Charlotte sold Nikki’s offense wonderfully though. Seemingly spending the entire match in absolute agony.

-Awesome moment where Brie Bella and Alicia Fox pull the rope away from Charlotte while Nikki has a half-boston crab locked in. Smartly, Nikki Bella lets go and admonishes her teammates as she can lose the title is disqualified for outside interference! Smart!

-Charlotte gets a spear and finally locks in the Figure Eight! Nikki Bella taps?!

-Fair play to Nikki Bella for really going after the legs of her challenger the entire match, but Charlotte won the title after almost no offense on the champion. Charlotte gets her emotional moment, but I would have liked Charlotte to get a little more offense in before locking in the Figure Eight,even if she was being painted as the underdog here.

-We get to see Charlotte celebrate and cry it out with her dad, Ric Flair. Nice moment. Glad for her win, but I hope she can look more credible in her defenses of the title.

5. The Wyatt Family vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, & Chris Jericho

-I am so annoyed that they went with continuing this story. It’s painfully obvious they just don’t have anything else for these guys to do.

-The babyfaces get a quick flurry of offense, before the newest family member, Braun Strowman came in and cleared them out one-by-one.

-Nice of Jericho to take the loss and pass out to Strowman’s hold, as Ambrose and Reigns can, unfortunately, go one feuding with these men through possibly Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series *Sigh*

-Jericho awake and is not happy with his loss as he shoves Ambrose and Reigns out of the way as he heads to the back. Ambrose and Reign’s looked dejected as we cut to the next segment.

-There was nothing wrong with this match from an in-ring perspective other than the fact that it is a replay of the far better Six-Man Tag Team matches between The Wyatt Family and The Shield from early last year.

There just wasn’t much story to sink my teeth into here other than Bray Wyatt’s usual mambo-jumbo. I found it hard to care about the outcome knowing that this would likely aimlessly continue. I’m more curious as to what the ramifications Jericho’s return and animosity towards Ambrose and Reigns might bring.

6. Seth Rollins vs. John Cena for the WWE United States Championship

-Wow! Seth Rollins is going to have to defeat two of the biggest babyfaces in professional wrestling history back-to-back to escape with both of his championships. If he can do this, it would be like Chris Jericho defeating The Rock and Austin in the same night, all over again.

-The cocky champion stays in control for much of the get go and maintains control of Cena for a good majority of the first half of this match. The challenger then starts to find his footing and the two begin to have another incredibly dynamic match.

-Rollins goes for all of his big moves including an insane double supplex. A supplex from the top rope and then another vertical supplex. It isn’t enough to pin Cena.

-Cena goes for his top rope leg drop. He misses, but gets Rollins up for the AA. He hits it and regains his WWE United States Championship! Rollins is distraught, but he has to stay in the arena and wait for Sting!

Cena hits another AA to the WWE Heavyweight Champion as he leaves. He is left a sitting duck for Sting and/or Sheamus to pick the bones dry!

-This match was not nearly as good as their incredible match from SummerSlam, but I do really appreciate a clean decisive victory. It’s funny that Cena is beating the WWE Champion, for the United States Championship – and not getting another chance at the WWE Championship. WWE is weird.

-Awesome match, still not as good as last time. I am at least hoping to see the return of Cena’s open challenges every Monday night.

7. Seth Rollins vs. Sting for the WWE Heavyweight Championship

-Rollins is having none of this match, and almost immediately tries to escape any way he can.

-The six time WCW Champion dominates the champion as he tries to simply just get away from Sting. Finally, on top of the announcers table, Rollins pushes his challenger and Sting goes through the Spanish announcers table! Rollin’s thinks about escaping, but thinks better of it and returns and goes for a pin. Sting kicks out, but Rollins now firmly in control.

-He taunts “The Icon” and hits a sick looking power-bomb to the turnbuckle.

-Sting fights out of a Pedigree and then follows up with two Stinger Splashes and a huge dive to the outside on the champion. The crowd loses it! He rolls Rollins back in the ring and hits the Scorpion Death Drop!  Only a two count though.

-Rollins hits another turnbuckle power-bomb and Sting then appears to be legitimately hurt. Rollins feeds him for a clothesline, but Sting looks to legitimately not be able to take the bump and falls to the mat. A WWE doctor checks on Sting, and the referee restarts the match a few moments later after Sting regains his senses. Rollins goes for the Pedigree again, but Sting has it scouted and drops him into the Scorpion Deathlock. Rollins gets the ropes, but Sting tries to lock it in again, and Rollins rolls him up for a quick three count!

-Rollins celebrates, but only for a moment as Sheamus is out, as expected to cash in his Money in the Bank contract! But Kane’s pyro goes out soon after and the demon Chockslams not only Seth Rollins, but an excited Sheamus who was willing on the “Big Red Machine.”

-This was a little better than I was expecting it to be. I had set the bar a littler lower than I wanted to because of Sting’s age, but he held up his end of the match fairly well. He also did it with way fewer bells and whistles than he had at his WrestleMania match. There was no DX or NWO run in here. Rollins and Sting worked really hard, and what we got was an only decent main event, but we can now say Sting has wrestled for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. I never thought that would be something we would see.

-His table bump and dive to the outside were pretty cool. Obviously, something happened when Sting either injured his head or had the breath knocked out of him, but they pulled it together long enough to give the match a proper ending.

-Overall, this was far from the WWE’s worst B-show of 2015. None of the matches will come up for any awards at the end of the year, but the show as a whole was very entertaining despite some questionable booking and storyline decisions.

-I don’t understand why you would have Ziggler and Rusev booked in a normal match when they should be wanting to kill each other at this point. I don’t get why the Shield 2.0 is still feuding with the Wyatt Family 2.0. I don’t think it was smart to book the chicken shit heel champion to wrestle two matches in a row like a babyface who has the deck stacked against him.

-All of those problems can be rectified pretty easily and none of them are enough to keep me from really enjoying the three hour show. Rollins and Cena had the best match of the night by far, and Rollins in general came across like a star on this show.

-I’m not thrilled about Kane likely being his next opponent, but it clearly won’t be the main even of Hell in a Cell, as Lesnar and The Undertaker are getting their rubber match next month.

-All in all, I can’t tell you there is anything that is must watch, but nothing was worth skipping either. It was a very middle of the road show. I would tell you to definitely watch Sting wrestle for the title as he left it all the ring and worked really hard to keep up with Rollins.

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