As I construct these articles I think it is important for the reader to know what rules and criteria are present in establishing these lists. I am doing this to ensure that everyone understands I do not simply randomly pick ten matches and to know that a ton of thought and consideration goes into making these of the utmost quality.

NOTE: This criteria is set up to establish rules and a loose set a boundaries for countdowns based solely on ranking professional wrestling matches. So other countdowns featuring lists about other topics in professional wrestling will follow a different, albeit similar, set of criteria.


  • Match Quality: Match quality includes things like pacing, chemistry, match flow, time allotted, the crowd, and the general dynamics of the match . Match quality is what I put the most emphasis on in these articles. This has and will always be true. A build to a match can be ruined completely if the match progresses awkwardly and does not deliver.
  • Build: In saying that, I do take build-up to a match into account, however I try to avoid placing a match on the Pro Wrestling Countdown if it is better because of its story instead of the in-ring content. An example of this would be Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage. Excellently hyped and is historically significant, yes, but it was not what I’d consider a technical masterpiece.
  • Booking: If a match features a non-finish, multiple run-ins, or other heavily overused story-like influenced conclusions I do tend to give it a knock even if the match is out of this world. Some great matches overcome this and stand the test of time but to me heavy use of these elements takes away from the conclusion of a match. I prefer to see guys get put over without having a bullshit finish.
  • Notoriety: In the past I have felt the need to feature matches with historical importance while also featuring matches from an athlete’s career that might not be given any spotlight. This will play a lesser role in the criteria as matches with both abundant and/or no notoriety can make it on the Pro Wrestling Countdown.

Unofficial Official Guidelines: All rules are subject to change at my consideration, but I typically stick fairly close to these so I thought I would explain them. Just keep in mind these are guidelines, not laws. Just general tools in helping me in my consideration of a match.

  • Multi-Man Matches: Typically the Pro Wrestling Countdown is used to look at the career’s of the best performers the professional wrestling industry has to offer. As such we tend to avoid matches with more than just two combatants. However, being that we are looking at the  WWE as a whole and not one-sing individual, the guidelines here are a bit different. Multi-Man gimmick matches will be considered in a larger copacity than they tyipcially would.
  • (Limited) TV Matches: This is not technically a rule because I do semi-often feature television matches. I try to shy away from most televised contests because a majority of the quality ones are interrupted by commercial breaks or have a very limited time restrictions. This usually causes them to end either in non-finish or a very abrupt ending, both which sort of ruin the pacing of the match for me. If I feel a match is still awesome in spite of these restrictions, of course, I feature it.

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